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Loving Hut was started by a caring group of people who loves life and nature. We, being advocates for environmental protection, felt that the unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits of the current world’s population are not only affecting the health of fellow beings, but also our Mother Earth. Researches from many countries have also pointed out the fact that “You are what you eat”.

Sharing a common empathy and living on a simple lifestyle for years, we are now on a mission to gather other like-minded people to help improve the daily lifestyle habits of more people so that we can all achieve better health and live in a more beautiful, healthier and happier planet.

In view of this, we have decided to follow our ideal and wishes (of God) by providing healthy, tasty and affordable fast-food so that everyone can enjoy a fitter body through diet.

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The goal of Loving Hut’s management concept is to meet the demands and expectations of her customers, to allow customers to have a happy and easy eating experience with us.

Delicious, Healthy Vegan food: Good Water, Good Oil, Good Rice, Good Cuisine

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