True Passion

Food Is Important To Everyone

Loving Hut Malaysia established in 2008 providing a modern, comfortable and elegant environment with delicious, healthy, affordable and international vegan foods for you to enjoy an extraordinary dining experience.

About Us

Loving Hut was started by a caring group of people who loves life and nature. We, being advocates for environmental protection, felt that the unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits of the current world’s population are not only affecting the health of fellow beings, but also our Mother Earth. Researches from many countries have also pointed out the fact that “You are what you eat”. Sharing a common empathy and living on a simple lifestyle for years, we are now on a mission to gather other like-minded people to help improve the daily lifestyle habits of more people so that we can all achieve better health and live in a more beautiful, healthier and happier planet. In view of this, we have decided to follow our ideal and wishes (of God) by providing healthy, tasty and affordable fast-food so that everyone can enjoy a fitter body through diet.

Our Founder

Aaron & Tracy

Aaron and Tracy established Loving Hut Malaysia in 2008 because of their love for life and nature. Being an advocate for environmental protection, they wish to do their part to save the earth. Loving Hut restaurant provides a modern, comfortable and elegant environment with delicious, healthy, affordable and international vegan foods for you to enjoy an extraordinary dining experience.

Loving Hut is currently the world’s fastest growing international vegan fast food chain. The first Loving Hut restaurant was established in Taipei on 28 April 2008. Within a short period of several months, many Loving Hut restaurants have been started in many parts of the world such as China, USA, Europe, Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and many part of the world . More Loving Hut branches will be opening at a faster rate in various locations across the globe so that we can play a larger part in saving our planet Earth.

Our Chefs

Loving Hut is very particular about the selection of ingredients. Besides emphasizing on the taste of the ingredients, we also pay attention to the health benefits of the ingredients we use. We do not use MSG, and we also replace white salt with sea salt, and refined white sugar with fructose or brown sugar. As for the blending of food, we only use fresh, raw ingredients as well as wholesome herbs. The cooking oil that we use is mostly olive oil. While you are enjoying our delicious food, you know that you are eating healthily too.

Loving Hut Management Philosophy


Everything in this world is full of love and feelings. From the selection of food supplies sources, to the abstain of the harming of live animals, it is our ideal to make this world a more peaceful and benevolent place. Serving customers with food, injected with our love during the preparation process, we want to share with them our joy in making them. Allowing food to become a natural part of our customers, and always leaving them feeling healthy, satisfied and beautiful, we are able to make this world a better place to live in. Perhaps through a mutual understanding between all humans, we can then allow the inner qualities of our higher selves such as love, forgiveness etc to manifest in our lives so that we can also experience the euphoria of “Heaven on Earth”.


Honesty and credibility are the basic principles to maintain trust. We habitually mandate ourselves and all our staff to cultivate the trait of integrity on a daily basis, in the hope that one day, we can also become a great company that is worthy of others’ respect. Little children are said to be naive and innocent, and that’s why their wishes and dreams often come true. Perhaps beings of higher calibre are closer to God.


If the purpose of life is really about being of service to others, then humility and learning should be the necessary foundation for growth. Nature will self-regulate and balance itself endlessly. A piece of land, without human interference, will most probably become a beautiful garden or a natural wonder. If we can place more emphasis on the harmony of our surrounding natural environment as we progress, and not based solely on human beings as the core subject, perhaps the civilisation of today will be better than what it is now. It is our hope that in the human pursuit of progress, we can do so in a natural, humble and peaceful way.

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